Imagine your child in turmoil, Imagine they are sick, Imagine no one believes you, Imagine they need help quick. Imagine your child's sorrow, Imagine chronic pain, Imagine inflammation right inside their brain, Imagine your child disappearing, Imagine, right in front your face, Imagine wondering where they are, Imagine what they've lost, Imagine they will grow … Continue reading Imagine

Get back up

Finally I can say it, progress is being made. Almost two weeks into changing Kade's diet again and removing all foods he is allergic to has made another positive difference, on top of the previous gains from just removing sugar and processed foods. Kade's throat clearing tic is no longer constant. It is barely noticeable … Continue reading Get back up

Cannot Wake

Kade is now 8 weeks post IVIG. The diet changes have kept him on a level where he still has no anger or frustration. Bloods are back and he has multiple food allergies. Coxsackie and bartenolla are positive also. Finally answers, something to work with. Kade does not have lyme. I am astounded at Dr … Continue reading Cannot Wake

Tick tock

We are half way through May, Kade has continued to decline health wise since his set back in January 2017. A lot has happened since then, we have been to London to see a team of doctors to discuss how to move forward. I have the hopeless gut niggling feeling that the plan for Kade … Continue reading Tick tock