Get back up

Finally I can say it, progress is being made. Almost two weeks into changing Kade’s diet again and removing all foods he is allergic to has made another positive difference, on top of the previous gains from just removing sugar and processed foods. Kade’s throat clearing tic is no longer constant. It is barely noticeable at all. He also woke this morning at 11am, he naturally woke from sleep. This has not happened in a very long time. If you leave Kade to sleep he will wake sometime in the late afternoon. He no longer has any joint pain and is not as fatigued.

Learning from Dr G about processed foods, how the emulsifiers used in them are basically like a detergent really opened my eyes. They strip the lining of the gut. Viruses and infections can also damage the gut, which then, from what I took from our conversation, opens a gate way to hell. He spoke of molecular mimicry, basically we cannot pin point what antibody is creating which problem however we have the coxsackie and food allergies to work with. As long as these antibodies are allowed free roam of my sons body then his problems will persist, a chronic illness, which is clearly what it has become.

Kade’s mitochondrial function is not good. His body is producing energy the wrong way. When your body does this it creates lactic acid, causing muscle pain, you will also display the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. So we are to follow a mitochondrial support protocol.

On Monday we are taking urine samples, organic acids test and toxic metals. Once these tests are back we will also know which detox protocol to follow.

The coxsackie we are to treat using a herbal remedy. We have not chosen which one as I am going to research our options before making a decision.

IVIG is now in the past, I can let it go. It changed Kade’s life dramatically however it was not the ultimate fix that I had dreamed it would be. Do not get me wrong, I know we have a long way to go with many more downs as well as ups but when you get an up you grab it because it is proof that things can get better. Hope is not lost.

This disease is one of trial and error. It is a constant search for answers. You trip, stumble, fall, then pick your self up again, screaming what do we do next. It is the doors closed in your face, being told this is it, this is how life is now. Just know that you can stand up and say no. Do not accept anything less than what your gut is telling you is possible, this is your child not theirs remember that. There is more than one way to skin a cat. If no one will help you one way then you will find another. Fall down a hundred times but always always get back up.

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